Friday, February 20, 2009

Come on Down

Ok, so I have a couple of topics to discuss in this post so just try to stick with me. First of all, I'd like to point out that I'm home alone on a Friday night with a nice cold beer in hand and LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT. Does this make me a loser? Maybe. But I don't care.

The first item of business is regarding the adoption process. In my last post, I voiced some frustration with how things were going. I've done a lot of praying about it and finally got to the point where I just had to ask God for a clear sign. I normally don't ask for "signs", but I was just SOOOO confused on how things were (or were NOT) progressing. I was starting to feel very uneasy about Nepal but we just couldn't see any other options that felt "right".

Well, about 2 days after praying for said "sign", we got a phone call from our social worker who, interestingly, voiced the adoption agency's growing concerns with the stability of the Nepal program. She said it was up to us if we wanted to continue with it, but thought we should consider some other options. Then she proceeded to lay out what options they felt might be in our best interest. One of these options was the Thailand program. Now, as far as we knew, our agency was not taking applications for the Thailand program because of a severe backlog of families still waiting for a referral. However, our social worker said the backlog is starting to thin out, so they would allow us in the program if we were interested. Clear sign? In my opinion....yes! I had always been interested in Thailand, but didn't know it was an option until now.

Now, does this mean we expect the Thailand program to be smooth sailing? Nope. But we DO feel much more comfortable and at peace with our decision to move to the Thailand program. Unfortunately, the timeline there is very lengthy. Once we get our dossier in (hopefully in the next 2 months), we're looking at about another 2 years until we get to bring our child home. It's a stable program though and I feel good about it. More to come on that.

Next item on the agenda: Another notch on my brother's "brush with fame" belt. I'm sure most of you already know what I'm talking about. Yes my friends, COME ON DOWN, YOU'RE THE NEXT CONTESTANT ON THE PRICE IT RIGHT!!!

Let me elaborate for those of you not "in the know". My brother, Jimmy, was in L.A. last week visiting some friends. The first day there, they decided to try to get on the Price is Right. They waited in line all day, but ended up victorious.....they got in! But wait, it gets better. Who do they choose as one of the contestants?? That's brother! And who makes it all the way to the SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN??? brother!! Unfortunately, he didn't win the showdown, but still.....the showcase showdown, people!!!! How cool is that??

He called to tell me about it just as they were leaving the building. What was the first question I asked him? Not, "Was Drew Carey nice?", or "What game did you play?". No. After repeating the phrase "shut up", "shut up" about a thousand times, I asked him if it was "hard to spin the wheel?" Come on, you know you've always wondered that too! When I watched TPIR as a kid I always thought it looked hard to spin the wheel and envisioned myself somehow getting dragged under it if I ever made it on the show. Yes, I've always been neurotic.

I also have to point out that this sort of thing happens to my brother ALL THE TIME. If I had a dime for every time I got a phone call from Jimmy that started with the phrase "You'll never guess who I just met", I'd be a...well...I'd have about 70 cents or so. He has met so many famous people and has gotten to do so many cool things it is borderline bizarre. Talking with Ben Affleck at a bar in Georgia, dancing with Gary Senise and his wife in Belize (I think it was Belize anyway), having some beers with the members of Velvet Revolver backstage....the list goes on and on.
And, yes, I am jealous. Oh, and my brother's episode airs on March 26th. Set your DVRs!!
Much Love,